British Championships

British Champs: triple header events every day


It seems the people at British Championship HQ an audacious plan to see a triple header event hosted somewhere on every single day of the week.

Granted… this information has been heard on the grapevine of some uncontrollable game of Chinese whispers but its still worth a read.

Apparently in 2015 we seen 72 different women’s leagues participate in a competition spread out over four tiers. There was an additional 14 men’s teams spread out over just three tiers.

The audacious plan for 2016 is simple.
80 Women’s teams across 17 tiers
30 Men’s teams across 9 tiers

“We think that leagues will be very happy to invest all their resources into the . After all we will, without a doubt, determine the very best women’s and men’s teams in all of Britain!”



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