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Cara Flores skates with the Rose City Rollers

Photo: Bill Zingraf/Regularman Photography

After six months in the Seedlings program, she advanced to a junior derby team and is currently captain of the Little Red Riveters. On the track she is known as “Filipaino.”

In there are three positions, the pivot, the blockers, and the jammer. The jammer starts skating behind the pack and must pass through the pack, then lap them, in order to earn points. After their first lap, jammers make one point for each player on the opposite team that they pass. Flores plays as both a blocker and jammer but plays jammer most frequently. Jammer is her favorite position to play.


A friend told her about roller derby and after watching her first bout, she was hooked. She explained that when she saw how fast and hard they skate, she decided she wanted to give it a try. She had skated at a friend’s birthday party in fourth grade but was not a skilled skater. For her 15th birthday, her parents gave her a pair of purple roller skates and she joined the Rose City Rollers’ Seedlings training program.

Before derby, Flores had not competed in many sports. During her freshman year at Tualatin High, she felt like she would like to be more involved in something outside of her regular course load.

When  joined the Rose City Rollers, Portland’s all female flat track roller derby league, she set three goals: To be a team captain, to make the all-star team, and to be on a roller derby poster. In two and a half years, the Tualatin High School senior has accomplished all three.

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SOURCE: Cara Flores skates with the Rose City Rollers

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