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This was a fun event for the spectators and the players, but it was more than just a fun game for . Winnipeg came down to play the Babes of Thunder as a favour so the Babes could get their (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) status. Right now the Babes of Thunder are only apprentices, and their sister team Winnipeg is already in the association. Roller derby teams have to play a number of WFTDA sanctioned games to get in the association and from there be on the ranking system. According to Kathleen, this was the final game they needed to play to meet the requirements to be approved, so if all the paperwork goes through the Babes of Thunder will now officially be a part the WFTDA.

The Babes of Thunder have just finished up their summer season, which usually means packing up the roller skates until next year, but are fortunate enough to have the chance the play a winter season as well, thanks to the support of the community, “[We are] moving towards a winter season, and it’s only because we can get venues like this that we can actually have a winter season… this was a really big opportunity for us.”

Katie added, “It was aggressive, but I think by the second half we were able to slow down the point lead a little bit and stem the flow…but it was an aggressive game, really good…today our jammers were phenomenal with breaking through those walls because Winnipeg has an amazing defence system.” The two Babes mentioned how even though the Babes of Thunder and Night Danger are aggressive on the track, after the game is over you would never know that the two teams just played an aggressive bout because of the many friendships between the teams.

Sadly, the Babes of Thunder were defeated by Night Danger by 252-105.  Despite their loss, the Babes were still all smiles after the game. The Argus had the chance to talk to two of the players from the Babes of Thunder, Katie Lemieux, a.k.a. “Amber Bandit” in the roller derby world, and captain Kathleen Twomey or, as she’s known as on the track, “Krash Test Kitty,” to get some insight on how they felt about their performance. The two ladies had very similar perspectives on the game, both very impressed with their performance as, in the Derby World, Winnipeg is a challenging team. The two words that they continually made reference to throughout the interview were control and aggressive. These are the two concepts the team has to keep in mind, and continue to work on in order to perform their best and win. When asked to comment on their play, Kathleen was nothing but positive, “I was really impressed with our team as well as their team… playing a team that is better than you, gives us the opportunity to stretch ourselves, and learn and improve.”

         The CLE Coliseum was ready to roll this weekend as the host of the Roller Derby and Classic Car Show Event in honour of eighty years of Roller Derby. Winnipeg’s Night Danger faced off against our home team, in an exciting match up. There was an awesome turn out for the event as spectators quickly filled up the stands. An unexpected standing room section was made (and filled) in order to fit the rest of the crowd.


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