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Rally decides final roller derby bout of regular season


Rally decides final bout of regular season

A 16-point jam widened the Heroes’ lead to  43-24, but some big jams later in the bout closed the gap to 57-43 before the Heroes took a 20-point advantage.

Bouts are divided into two, 30-minute halves. The 30-minute halves are divided into jams, which can last two minutes apiece or be called early by the lead jammer. Each team’s jammer must make an initial pass through the four opposing blockers before points can be scored by passing opponents again. The lead jammer can score an extra point, or a five-point grand slam, if she laps everyone on the track including the opposing jammer.

“It was amazing,” Liz Johnson-Bailey, who is known as Major Morphine on the derby track and skated for the Rogues in the final bout, said. “You kind of get discouraged when you’re on the bench and you’re  like, ‘Oh, no. We’re going to lose. No, we’re we’re not. We’re going to win.”

The Enterprise roller derby season wrapped up Oct. 17 with the Superhero Smashup bout in Ozark —  which pitted a team of All-American Heroes against one of Renegades, Rebels and Rogues —  and it took a late rally to decide the winner.

Rally decides final roller derby bout of regular season

By Casey Strickland The Southeast Sun




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