Mens Roller Derby

Tom on a roll…

Good old Tom, loving the recent publicity. :)







Since then, it has been re-established and the idea is now for the to reach the standard of the more popular women’s game – headed by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association ().

After being a part of the national set-up, Langford, who works as a media executive, left the Brummies for Southern Comfort with the promise of competing in the men’s championships.

He said: “I’ve been skating my whole life. But I only got involved with through a friend. We went to watch in Shrewsbury and I instantly got hooked and fancied a go.

Langford’s team, Southern Discomfort, are ranked sixth in the world in the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) and qualified from this year’s British Championships to compete Stateside in St Louis.

Telford’s Tom Langford was flying the flag for the nation as his London-based Roller Derby side took on the might of the United States in their own back yard.

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