Roller Derby

Top 10 Health Benefits of Roller Derby

Well some of you may be in the world of for fitness, some of you may not. The fact of the matter is there is great benefits from roller derby.

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According to scientists, just 20 to 30 minutes of additional skating activity each day will help your body become physically stronger and lower the risk of heart disease.

Since an entire bout lasts for one hour, a skater’s aerobic capacity increases due to the extended amount of time she spends vigorously skating. In addition, anaerobic capacity increases during the short two-minute “jams,” or point-scoring plays, that require teams to perform short, high-intensity bursts of skating around the track.

Finding your balance while on skates is a key component in skating. As roller derby is a contact sport, achieving good balance is everything. Mastering your basic slating skills to skate well while maintaining a good balance improves your coordination, especially while in the mix with a group of team-mates and opponents trying to push you off the track.

 Skating in a roller derby isn’t just about winning, but it’s also about skating at a fast pace, which induces a high adrenaline rush. This high intensity effort improves body composition due to the high number of calories burned, and it also increases cardio and respiratory endurance.

It’s intense, aggressive, and all about trash-talking. No, we’re not talking about football here. It’s women’s roller derby, where tough, clever nicknames run the rink and a no-holds-barred attitude wins bouts. Think of it as team boxing on roller skates. Not only are roller derby athletes tough, but they’re fit. And here’s why.


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