Roller Derby

Capital City Hunger Games roller derby Nov. 21

And this year, the fans are calling the shots. Attendees, via raffle, will be able to enter to win additional parachutes that can either help their favorite team or hurt the competition. These parachutes will alter the fate of the tributes.

Four mixed teams — districts — will battle it out in three mini bouts about 30 minutes each. The final bout will be the grand finale that pits the winners of the first two against one another.

“I wanted it to be more charity focused, so I put it on the teams. They have to bring a full barrel of food. They don’t get to play if they don’t bring a barrel,” Event Director Angie Cray said. “If a team fills an additional barrel, they can get a parachute against the other team, like in the ‘Hunger Games.’”


Hosted by Salem Men’s , this co-ed mash-up, a fundraiser for the Marion-Polk Food Share, is loosely based on the dystopian theme of the Hunger Games franchise. Last year, it was Salem versus Eugene; this year, it will be Salem versus Portland.

Capital City Hunger Games roller derby Nov. 21 No need to volunteer as tribute at the Capital City Hunger Games; four co-ed roller derby teams are doing it for you. Check out this story on


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