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D1 Champs 1st Place: Rose City takes down Gotham, 206-195

Some news form Derby Central on the Rose City vs Gotham game…

Bonnie Thunders returned to earn Gotham’s first lead, causing Licker*N*Split to pass the star to Jessica Chestnut, but after they fumbled it, and spent time trying to return it to Licker, Thunders began to score on the distracted pack. In the chaos of it all, Chestnut had indeed become the jammer and went to the box with an illegal procedure, leaving the star on the track. By the end of it all, Gotham not only got on the board but took the lead with the 29-point jam.



Scald Eagle had been the highest scorer in their two previous games this weekend, so Rose City likely fielded her opposite of Thunders to maximize Eagle’s scoring potential. Miss Tea Maven jammed second for Gotham and as she tried to tip toe along the line, she slipped into a track cut giving WOJ the first power jam and gave Eagle the opportunity to score 20 points while her blockers split up Gotham.

First on the jam line, Gotham fielded Bonnie Thunders and Rose City matched her with Loren Mutch. Rose seemed to split their defensive line in pairs, with two wedged in the Gotham back wall for offense, and two at the front ready to catch the jammer. It worked in Mutch’s favor as after laying a shoulder on OMG WTF and juking around her she earned the first lead status. With Thunders a half of a lap behind her, the Gotham pack sped away but a speedy Mutch chased them down for 2 points.



Unlike Gotham’s previous game against VRDL which was a slow pushing game, this game was full of speeding and destructive packs that were enhanced by the roar of the full Roy Wilkins Auditorium. In the first half the teams shared a perfect split lead jammer percentage, and after 10 lead changes, 1 tie game, and multiple double digit jams by Scald Eagle, Rose City held on in the final minutes to take down the Gotham dynasty by 11 points.

ST. PAUL, MN– The anticipation of a team taking down Gotham Girls has been building for 67 straight wins, 5 years, and 4 consecutive Championships. Victoria came within 2 points in the semi-finals and after the Rose City Rollers had it in their grasp last year, they were determined to complete their victory this time around.

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