Roller Derby

International Roller Derby Championship on ESPN3

Though most of the teams and leagues are in North America (and mainly the United States), the association is consistently making an effort to promote the sport and build momentum around the world. The likes of Glasgow, Turku, Gothenburg, Essen, Tokyo and Bogota dot the landscape. Cloughley credits the accelerated growth of the Internet as a true accelerant for the .

“The skater owns the ,” remarked Cloughley, “Everything that’s done in governing body is done democratically and we really respect the athlete voice. They all have a say. My job is to make what the athletes want — happen.”
“After seeing that, I wanted to play in Toronto,” she said. “I found that there was flat track roller derby in Toronto, which means you can play anywhere on any flat surface, and found some like-minded women, and a couple of gentlemen, and we founded Toronto Roller Derby.”

Jenna Cloughley, WFTDA marketing and communications manager, who skates under the nom de plume, Mia Culprit, for her team based in Toronto, found the show to be her kickstarter.

An A&E Network reality show debuted, following the Texas Lonestar Rollergirls. Low ratings made the series short-lived, but it provided the origin-story for many women in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), who are holding their 10th annual international championship in St. Paul, Minnesota, starting 6 November and airing on ESPN3 for the first time.

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