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Roller girls from the Moxi skate team

A video of a group of roller girls from the Moxi skate team have taken to the streets of Barcelona to not only showcase their skills but to remind us just how beautiful the city is at night.

When it comes to finding new and exciting ways to explore a city, it’s often those who’re into extreme sports that show us how its really done. From parkour to jaw-dropping skate videos these groups and individuals demonstrate that there’s an entirely new way to travel and oftentimes they make it look like the most fun ever.



Directed by , the video follows the girls from a ride on the Metro to lacing up their skates and heading out into the city. Pulling off some amazing stunts including hitching a ride with a moped, using scaffolding as a climbing frame and performing some pretty sick flips, the video doesn’t shy away from the nasty falls some of the skater take.

Sporting excellent skate names such as Estro Jen and Bambi Bloodlust, the powerful clip equally demonstrates the strength and sensuality of the roller girl culture.

As the video culminates with the girls performing in a square for late-night revellers you get a real taste of just how alive Barcelona is at night and how much fun the team are having tearing up the city to the sound of Selah Sue’s ‘Falling Out’.

To find out more about the Moxi skate team you can check out their site and you can see more of Greg Mirzoyan’s work here.


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