Roller Derby

“When you share sweat, you bond”


Leeds Roller Dolls

The move has seen more people turn up on bout days, and more interest in playing, with lots of new faces coming through the LRD Ragdoll Academy, which is now known as the LRD Recreational League.

For LRD, who are celebrating their fifth birthday this year, it is important that their new home, the Futsal Arena, is a Leeds home, after last year when they were training in both Leeds and Bradford and bouting in Huddersfield.

The basic rules have the two sides line up for “jams” with four blockers and a jammer each. The eight blockers form a “pack,” and the jammers score points by breaking through the pack before lapping the track to break through again. The jam ends when the “lead jammer” calls it off, or if it runs for two minutes. This continues for two 30 minute halves.

In 2013 has found a permanent home in Leeds, and both our teams – Rebel Roses and Whips Its – have toured in Europe. There has been enough expansion for recreational, junior and men’s leagues to start up.

This year has been an exciting one for Leeds Roller Dolls. They play roller derby, a predominantly all-female sport that has its origins in the USA. First played in the 1930s, since 2001 there has been a resurgence of interest in this fast-paced, unscripted, full contact sport.

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